When crafting a strategy, we look upstream and downstream to see how all stakeholders, including customers, Customer Service, Sales, Purchasing, and others will be affected. We also identify the resources necessary to support the organizational, tactical execution and follow up.

At Parabella, when developing the marketing strategy, we consider external markets, economic, political and regulatory forces, in addition to the research data. The final deliverable can be in many forms, including:

  • Differentiation strategies

  • Inbound marketing plans with a calendarized budget

  • Customer retention strategies

  • Lost customer win-back strategies

  • PR plans

  • Product launch deployment plans

  • Buyer's persona development

At LABS, Inc., one of the biggest challenges was trying to understand our differentiators and positioning from similar regulated testing laboratories. Parabella’s talent for research and strategy identified our true product lines and uncovered a variety of opportunities to build a stronger brand.
— Ms. Garcia, Marketing Manager at Mesa Labs

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